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About Maurya's

Maurya’s is a 10 years old establishment and has emerged looking at the growing love and demand for the heritage look of the interiors. It has expanded steadily to meet the demand for its fine furniture; a demand based on the Company’s achievement of the perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques. The result is reasonably priced furniture of a quality, richness and individuality that seems far removed from today’s mechanized world.

Skillfully adapted to the requirements of a twentieth century home, the Maurya range of traditional Victorian designs embraces over 200 pieces of furniture covering dining-rooms, living-rooms, occasional pieces and wall units. This wide choice of models is further enhanced by a varied selection of wood finishes and carefully chosen upholstery fabrics.

Traditional pride in craftsmanship is still regarded as the natural complement to traditional styling at Maurya’s. This is particularly evident in the fine and authentic detail of the hand carving to be found in many items in the Maurya range.

Such is the company’s commitment to this craft that two workshops are entirely devoted to just highly skilled hand carving. It is also possible to ‘age’ furniture by hand, producing an antique finish that gives each item all rugged dignity of generations of use.

The great care taken in the selection, matching and finishing of timbers ensures that the natural beauty and uniqueness of grain is fully exploited to give each piece an individual character. Indeed, character – in design and finish – is the keynote throughout the Maurya Collection.

Furniture of Generation for Generations’ signifies a design; a property which is from our past but its beauty and value keeps appreciating with the times and never goes out of trends. At Maurya’s we specialize in making the mirror copies of old furniture (Reproductions) in teak wood, thereby fulfilling the demand of the people who are just keen for using antique furniture for their interiors. We materialize dream into reality by providing range of furniture like Almirahs, Corners, Beds, Cabinets, Chairs, Console, Sofa, Book Shelf and all wooden furniture as per customer requirements with range of taste and budget.

Since ten years in the production line, Maurya is known for its efficiency, quality, taste and good relations with their clients. Our top clients are Royal City Place, Jaipur, 61 Cavalry, Ashok Club, Narayan Niwas and many heritage properties around Rajasthan. Besides manufacturing Colonial, Contemporary, Classic Furniture, we also specialize in Restoration of these, sometimes if required using the experts’ advice of the concerned designers.

The other unique collection includes artifacts, handicrafts and accessories, made out of Glass, Wood, Brass, White metal, Marble, Oil canvases and Clocks etc.